Vision and Mission


is to make India Leading in sports and games in the world by 2028


to Facilitate International standards to 10000 athletes’ by 2028 and make them win the medals for our country, India.


How We Do It

By choosing athletes’ keeping in view future of the Indian sports, who are going to win us the Medals in all competitive sports and games across the world.

Sports and Games we want to support

Athletics, Archery, Badminton, Boxing, Shooting, Weightlifting, Water Sprots, Wrestling, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Table tennis, Chess, Cycling, Cricket, Motor sports, Para Olympics

Differently abled sports persons

Few other sports and games in schools

we strives to compliment the efforts of the Indian Government and various Sports Federations in identifying and funding the best and most deserving medalist for the sports and games.

Khelo Dil Se (KDS) is the Foundation for Promotion of Sports and Games, a Not for Profit organization registered under society act, which is committed to bridging the gap between the best athletes in India and the best athletes in the world by helping Indian athletes to win Medels in International sports and games .

KDS raises donation from fans, individuals and organizations, Rotarians to support training of senior and junior Indian athletes who have a potential of winning an medals in sports and games.

We also part of the Rotary Olympics Sports fellowship.

KDS brings together eminent sportspersons, business leaders, sportswriters and talent scouts to identify emerging athletes, understand their training needs and requirements and raise funds to be used for supporting athletes with Olympic medal winning potential.

KDS experts systematically oversee and benchmark the progress of athletes and provide funds to them so that they will have access to the best coaching and training facilities and to exploit scientific aids including planned nutrition & diet.

It takes just 6 grams of Gold to lift the worth of a nation. Come Join Us in our Khelo Dil Se!